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Brand History

Brand History

The journey of the Kool Kolored Kid Generation began as a simple spark of an idea back in 2007, amidst conversations with colleagues at the L.A. Film Festival. When asked what would I name a band for shock value. I mentioned "KKK," but not in the way you might think. I saw potential in those letters to signify something entirely different— "Kool Kolored Kids."

The vision was to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, and create something truly remarkable. Though the idea was met with skepticism at the time, I penned it down in a notebook, knowing that it could someday transform into something extraordinary.

Fast forward to 2017, the concept resurfaced as "Kool Kolorful Kids," a children's clothing line designed for all kids after watching a GAP commercial regardless of their nationalities. While this venture faced challenges, I refused to give up on the idea.

In 2019, inspiration struck again, this time after seeing a documentary on Netflix about Sam Cooke and the KKK, a symbol of hatred towards people of color for so many years. This documentary deeply moved me. It made me realize the power of reclamation and transformation.

So, with renewed determination, I decided to use the KKK acronym for a noble purpose to empower all people of color. I spent months sketching logos and refining the concept. My goal was not just to create a brand but to change the narrative.

I was troubled by the way the media portrayed African Americans and people of color, as well as the casual use of the "N-word" among different cultures. It was alarming to see such a negative word being reclaimed in an attempt to make it positive. That's when it hit me a moment of enlightenment.

I knew I had to launch this brand, and I wanted to turn a symbol of hate into a beacon of positivity and unity for everyone who supports change.

And so, the Kool Kolored Kid Generation was born, not as a relic of the past but as a powerful force for the future. It stands as a testament to our ability to transform negativity into inspiration and hatred into love. Together, we can change the world, one positive transformation at a time.