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2022 First Community Event

August 13th 2022 Kolored Kid Generation hosted the best "Back to School" sneaker giveaway “100 pairs to give.” sneaker campaign At Bancroft Elementary School in Wilmington Delaware.

KKKG along with many sponsors delivered on their objective to change the narrative through Sneakers with their brand sneakers “Global Kid Generation 1’s “ high tops and low top custom sneakers de- signed to empower and inspire today's youth with the ability to create change in their communities.

Each flag on the sneaker represents some countries of people of color. The "Back to School" sneaker giveaway at the Bancroft Elementary school in Wilmington, Delaware, provided students with brand new school supplies in advance of the upcoming school year.

Not only did each kid receive a free pair of sneakers. KKKG partnered with Stepping Stones Federal Credit Union to provide free touch screen laptops that could turn into a tablet.

Native Delawarean guest speakers included NBC's America's Song contestant Nitro Nitra, actor Neal Carr from Bounce TV's Saints & Sinners and ABC's Shark Tank contestant Markevis Gideon from Nerdit NOW, and National Mrs. Juneteenth Saniya Gay dropped by to show her support.One thing that Markevis Gideon mentioned was that he didn't get the money on Shark Tank. Still, it ended up being a blessing because his business is now a multi- million dollar. Neal Carr encouraged the youth to Think Outside the Box and never let anything stop them from going after what they want.

Words from the creator.

I hope to ignite today's youth with the idea that they can create, empower, and inspire each other. It was a great turnout and experience! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and asked whether I would do this every year.I'm a product of the Southbridge section of Wilmington, Delaware. Growing up on D Street as a kid, I had access to a fully functional park where I could play and swim, but today's youth aren't able to have the same experience. Not being able to go back to the place where so many great memories were formed is what inspired me to reach back to this generation. I wanted to bring a positive event to the Wilmington community on August 13th at Bancroft Elementary School with 100 pairs of my KKKG sneakers to giveaway.

As a young, Black entrepreneur I hope to ignite today's youth with the idea that they can also create, empower, and inspire each other with their ideas, talents, and abilities to create change along with opportunities to reach back to their communities despite their circumstances.