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Kool Kolored Kid Generation didn’t start out as the name it is today. The idea first came to me in 2007 when I was working for the L.A Film Festival and some co-workers were asking what I would name a group or band for shock value. At that moment, I said I would name the group KKK. Then I went on to explain what it would mean, “Kool Kolored kids,” I stated. I thought it would be pretty cool to put a mixture of people from different ethnicities together, and it would maybe make history. That’s if the group was any good, I supposed.
Then I would be persuaded to drop the idea, but I did write it in a notebook for future use. It came back to me in 2017 to make it a children’s clothing line I called Kool Kolorful kids. It would be a brand for all kids with different nationalities. It didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to so I sat on the idea some more. Some years had passed and I saw this documentary on Sam Cooke and the KKK and how those letters for years meant hate towards people of color. That documentary really struck a chord in me, and in 2019 the idea came back to me to use it to empower all people of color.
After pondering and drawing logos for a few months. The ideas began to start flowing, and I then wanted to change how I saw the media televising how African- Americans and other people of color were being treated. It also troubled me seeing and hearing other cultures use the ‘’N-word’’ to talk or to make jokes towards each other. The N-word is considered a very negative word, and it shocked me that they would turn it on themselves to make it feel more positive.
What also triggered my Ah hah moment was learning about the history of the Swastika. Learning that before the late 1930s the Swastika was considered a symbol of peace for centuries. But one man by the name of Adolf Hitler took something that stood for good and changed it to what we see today as a symbol of hate. At that moment a light bulb went off in my head to start this brand and to change another negative terminology KKK and change it to a positive meaning to inspire and empower all people of color.


Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Randall Law is the founder, artistic director and designer of Kool Kolored Kid Generation LLC. Randall has an extensive list of creative skillsets that make him a trailblazer in the making that ranges from; work on various National Commercials with Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Along with and a large number of GOOD magazine commercials. Randall is a recipient, of the “2023” 400 years of African American History Commission Award. Also a “2022” graduate of the James H. Gilliam fellow’s program by way of the Wilmington Urban League. Furthermore, Randall was also known as the original cast member Festone Shabazz in the off-Broadway show "Landing of the Urban Rebels." Randall spends his free time giving back to the homeless by volunteering at various non-profit organizations. Simultaneously, learning new skillsets and perfecting the old ones, motivational speaking at different high schools, producing, directing, and editing his content on multiple platforms. While also writing jingles, living a healthy fit lifestyle, shower singing, and enjoying being a father to his daughter Legacy. Randall lives by this quote, "Its a responsibility to become great at whatever you do." He believes excellent work ethics with a splash of creativity will take anyone a long way, so never give up.

Randall Law

Founder | Creative Director | Designer

Kool Mission

Kool Kolored Kid Generation’s brand apparel mission is to motivate and empower children, teens and adults of color throughout the nation and potentially the world. We’re giving a new meaning, focus and creating a positive light on a negative term turned positive. Created to inspire and motivate all people of color and also those who support change. Apparel designs that allow individuals to love living in their skin. Allowing the kid inside of each one to shine. By creating a legacy and breaking barriers and serving as a reminder that we are cool and the colorful generation. Creating a generational ripple affect that will leave a lasting impact on culture.