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Brand History

Brand History

Kool Kolored Kid Generation didn’t start out as the name it is today. The idea first came to me in 2007 when I was working for the L.A Film Festival and some co-workers were asking what would I name a group or band for shock value. At that moment I said I would name the group KKK.  Then I went on to explain what it would mean, “Kool Kolored kids” I stated. I thought it would be pretty cool to put a mixture of people from different ethnicities together and it would maybe make history. That’s if the group was any good I supposed.

Then I would be persuaded to drop the idea, but I did write it in a notebook for future use. It came back to me in 2017 to make it a children’s clothing line I called Kool Kolorful kids. It would be a brand for all kids with different nationalities. It didn’t pan out the way I wanted it too so I sat on the idea some more. Some years had passed and I saw this documentary on Sam Cooke and the KKK and how those letters for years meant hate towards people of color. That documentary really struck a chord in me and in 2019 the idea came back to me to use it to empower all people of color.

After pondering and drawing logos for a few months. The ideas began to start flowing and I then wanted to change how I saw the media televising how African- Americans and other people of color were being treated. It also troubled me seeing and hearing other cultures use the ‘’N-word’’  to talk or to make jokes towards each other. The N-word is considered a  very negative word and it shocked me that they would turn it on themselves to make it feel more positive. At that moment a light bulb went off in my head to start this brand and to change another negative word like KKK and change it to a positive meaning for all people of color.